The Sustainable Production Company

At In Crime Content we want produce by the highest sustainable, eco-friendly standards and by being carbon negative.
In Crime Content is Carbon Negative.
We calculate our carbon footprint for each project and multiply it x10 to plant trees in different projects through Tree-Nation.
Green Mobility.
So far we are moving by bikes, eco-taxis and electric scooters in every move pre shooting. We are looking for our eco options during the shooting days.
In Crime Content sustainable
Km0 & vegetarian
We can deliver other needs, even the basis of our catering options is healthy, local produced vegetarian food.
Almost plastic free
It's super difficult, but we aim to reduce our plastic waste to zero.
Reduce one time use clothing
We are partnering with brands to get their basics. Enough of buying, shipping, using, returning, shipping dozens of basic clothes on each project.
Carbon Positive
100% green energy
At the studio, we only work with Holaluz 100% Luz Verde. Our internet comes from the soon to be BCorp Pepephone (Masmovil).
Included in the budget with no extra cost
You won't pay any extra money for our beliefs. We will work eco and assume it's value.
we want a team of sustainable brands


In every production tons of basic clothes are used to complement the main pieces which represent more accurate the brand. We are building a stock wardrobe to eliminate unnecessary deliveries and returns.

We are looking for essentials and timeless basics

Carbon Positive
We are looking for white and black shirts, t-shirts & blue jeans.
Carbon Positive
Shoes & sneakers
Basic sizes 39 (6) & 42 (8.5)
Carbon Positive
Surplus stock of bags, glasses, watches, bijoux...

*It will still be your product

If you leave us something we will keep it safe and use it only for work/sustainable purposes. You want it back? You have it. An actress/actor wants to keep it? We pay for it.


We are in our path to make everything the most sustainable possible and there is a lot of room to improve.
Carbon Positive
Reusable bottles
No more plastic bottles at our shootings.
Carbon Positive
Km0 and veggi preferable.
Carbon Positive
Eco vans for material & people transport.
Would you like to be part of our eco-team?