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We are Maria Vinagre & Hugo Barbera.
Stylist, Art director & creative directors duo with 12 years of expertise in fashion and advertising.





By evaluating your objectives, target, competitors and market, you will get a unique and fit image.

That's how we create solutions aesthetically appealing, functional, robust, distinctive and memorable.


Today’s selected

It’s impossible to showcase everything we do, but you can find here a selection of our most loved work.


We partner with

creative agencies, production companies, magazines and very cool brands.

We make great

Creative Direction - Art Direction - Food Styling - Styling.


April 22

Our work has been awarded in major creative festivals and published  in top magazines.

El Ojo de Ibroamérica, Clio Awards, London International Awards, New York Festivals, Laus, CdeC, Inspirational, FIAP, El Sol, Behance, Elle, Marie Claire, Esquire, Vogue, Forbes.

& Clients

Air Up, Atelier Batac, Audi, DDB, Divuit, Isdin, FC Barcelona, Lupo, Loidi, Morillas, Netflix, Nike, Privata, Prodigioso Volcan, Rêver, Volkswagen, Zara.